Mission and Vision



Management Sciences for Health advances knowledge and technology globally to support people locally to achieve health for all.

From ministry to community, private sector to civil society, as trusted advisors, we make the foundational changes that support the whole health system.

We are a mission-driven, global health nonprofit. For 50 years, we have focused on the people at the heart of the health system in each environment in which we work. 




MSH is committed to helping countries around the world achieve universal health coverage in alignment with the third Sustainable Development Goal: we focus our efforts on low- and middle-income countries and fragile states.

MSH partners to locally lead the way: we support people to build on what they already know to take charge of their own development and their own health. We establish trust and equitable relationships with those with whom we work. Our collaborators include the public and private sector, civil society and faith-based organizations, from Ministry to the community.

MSH develops innovations for now and future health systems: MSH is committed to helping health systems to adapt to the complex and evolving world we live in. We learn from all health systems globally and share what we have learned to build innovative solutions to health care challenges.

MSH applies systems thinking. We look at every aspect of the health system and the social, economic, environmental, and other conditions that impact it, to develop an adaptive and dynamic approach.

We bring data to bear on every decision. Our strategies and approaches are based on current research, detailed results monitoring, input from partners and country governments, demographic and epidemiologic trends, combined with decades of experience.

We work toward the goal of sustainability. Every intervention we undertake is designed to build on what already exists. We help develop leadership among motivated, well-trained health professionals and those who support them. Their leadership and ownership is at the heart of sustainability.