{Photo credit: Genaye Eshetu/MSH}Photo credit: Genaye Eshetu/MSH

The world needs healthy mothers.

Giving birth. Caring for a child.

If we only have one story, it is this: We need our mothers.

You can help mothers around the world. Give today in honor or memory of your mom.

We go where the need is greatest: Saving lives and improving health in places like Afghanistan, Haiti, Liberia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Delivering quality medicines where there are no roads or services. Empowering local leaders to save lives. Training skilled health workers -- many of whom are women.

Your gift of $15, $50, $100, or more can help improve the health of mothers around the world.

Working together toward a world where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy life.

Want another way to thank your mom? Add her name to the "Celebrating Moms Worldwide" virtual wall.

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