Happy Mother's Day! Support Moms around the World

Happy Mother's Day! Support Moms around the World

Trained in kangaroo mother care by Dipeta health center staff, Imukalayi snuggled tiny Mardochet to her bare chest, then wrapped herself and her son in a cloth pagne, and held him there for hours, shifting him only when he needed to nurse. Mardochet's weight stabilized just three weeks later. {Photo credit: MSH.}Photo credit: MSH.

Honor your mom today by supporting MSH's work to help support healthy mothers---like Imukalayi Eponga (right)---and their children around the world.

Support healthy moms and their kids.

Imukalayi was trained on "kangaroo mother care" by MSH in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kangaroo mother care is a simple technique that emphasizes human contact to keep the baby warm.

This year, 7.5 million children will die - 99 percent in developing countries. In Africa alone, 1 in 8 children will die before their 5th birthday. Two-thirds of these deaths are preventable.

For over 40 years, MSH has seen that when mothers receive low-cost, high-impact interventions-like kangaroo mother care training-their children will likely survive until age 5 and beyond.

MSH is committed to delivering quality life-saving interventions for the world's most vulnerable mothers and children. We work closely to strengthen health care from the community level, where many first fall sick, through all levels of the health system. We provide pre-natal care to address maternal anemia and malaria. We promote basic essential obstetric and newborn care by training health workers in safer delivery, management of infection and low birth weight, and early introduction of breastfeeding. We implement community case management of malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia; routine immunizations; and micronutrient supplementation such as Vitamin A.

Help MSH support healthy moms and their kids.