MSH Kenya Urges Private Sector to Partner on Health: Video and Devex Partnership Forum

MSH Kenya Urges Private Sector to Partner on Health: Video and Devex Partnership Forum

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At the Devex Partnerships Forum, being held today in Nairobi, Kenya, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) urged the private sector to collaborate with health institutions to improve management, enable better service delivery, and lower the cost of healthcare in Kenya.

With the healthcare service being devolved to counties in Kenya, a number of challenges exist, such as unequal distribution of human and material resources to health facilities. This strains the governance of the institutions as the few personnel are stretched, handling large clientele as well as administration.

MSH partnered with higher learning institutions to develop curriculums on leadership and governance which can be pursued by health workers. Such leadership curriculums will assist stakeholders to ensure the right people are employed for the right job.

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We urge stakeholders to link leadership with performance management and to train health workers at county levels so as to increase the public confidence in health institutions.

When the public visits health institutions for medical care and finds that the facilities are professionally managed, they will gain confidence in the institution.

When a medical institution provides poor services, patients default on treatment before they are cured and this can prolong the lifespan of their diseases. This forces an institution to spend more resources on one patient, which shouldn’t be the case. Such medical institutions eventually experience backlog because patients increase in numbers on a daily basis and the health staff become overwhelmed.

We call on Kenya’s county governments to design healthcare systems that prioritize the needs of the local residents, and ensure that more funds are allocated for medical care.

Today’s Devex forum, which was comprised of CEOs, country representatives and senior managers from organizations working in development fields such as health, conflict mitigation, agriculture and mobile technology, was focused on ways to develop successful partnerships for sustainable development in East Africa.

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Dr. Daraus Bukenya is MSH Kenya Country Representative.