Devex Discusses Careers in Innovation and Development

Devex Discusses Careers in Innovation and Development

 {Photo credit: Rui Pires}An Accredited Drug Store in Uganda. MSH, through the Sustainable Drug Sellers Initiative, is helping scale-up access to medicines in Tanzania, Uganda, and Liberia.Photo credit: Rui Pires

Interested in a career in innovation and international development? You’re in luck, says Ingrid Ahlgren in Devex: “the need for new and improved development ideas isn’t going anywhere, and neither are the positions to facilitate them.”

Ahlgren of Devex shares advice on common innovation roles, what's required to land a position, and more from innovation and global development experts, including MSH President & CEO Jonathan D. Quick and Mac Glovinsky of UNICEF. Innovation, “is a big buzzword right now,” says Glovinsky. He says, donors wanting innovation embedded in key functions of development are a key driver of increased attention.

Innovation in development doesn’t mean only new technology, says Quick:

People tend to talk about product and technology innovation, but that’s only half the story.

Yes, you need technology innovations, but you also need health systems innovations in order to get things up to scale.

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Ahlgren notes that, for senior positions at an NGO, like MSH, successful candidates: "would need graduate training in medicine or health, such as an MD or MPH, and in business, such as an MBA, as well as extensive experience in global health and a demonstrated interest in innovation."

And, not all "innovation" positions are labeled as such, says Quick:

Most of the innovation positions aren't written thay way.

There are people who are running a program and asked to solve problems and find better way of doing things.

[Innovation] is firstly a way of thinking and bringing different skills sets into solving the problem.

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