Financing Health for All: Global Health Impact

Financing Health for All: Global Health Impact

 {Photo credit: Rebecca Weaver/MSH} credit: Rebecca Weaver/MSH

MSH is a worldwide leader in strengthening health care financing systems toward universal health coverage (UHC). Stronger systems. Stronger women and children.

MSH has made tremendous impact on health care financing and UHC in the last two decades.

Performance-based financing

In 1999, MSH pioneered performance-based financing in Haiti, and has continued to adapt and improve upon it since. We contributed to and supported Rwanda to design, implement, and achieve UHC through community-based health insurance and performance-based financing; drastically reduce maternal and child mortality; and meet all of its health Millennium Development Goals.

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, we contributed to drastic reductions in child mortality and some of the greatest results-based financing outcomes in two decades.

Altogether, we've designed and/or implemented performance-based financing interventions in 14 countries across 3 continents (sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South-East Asia).

Health insurance

An important element of UHC is financing health services through social health insurance and community-based health insurance. MSH assists governments and nongovernmental organizations to develop and implement strategies for financing services and works with national and local governments -- in Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and more -- to advocate for appropriate financing of health services.

Management of medicines benefits programs

Is your country struggling with considerations of ethics and equality for selection of medicines in your UHC program? This month’s feature is the best place to start for all your management of medicines benefit programs considerations: hear why management of medicines benefits matters, learn lessons from diabetes, see a case study from Ghana, and download the management manual.

Costing and cost modeling

Determining the cost of health services is an essential step toward strengthening health systems and working toward UHC. MSH has developed and used several costing tools to help ministries of health, nongovernmental organizations, and donors develop health service delivery and financing strategies, advocate for funds, and conduct cost-effectiveness analyses. For example, MSH is developing a cost modeling tool for community health services, with support from UNICEF.


These are just a few of many examples of MSH’s successes working shoulder-to-shoulder with local, national, and international partners, supporting country-led efforts for stronger systems, and healthier women and children.

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