Remembering Madiba

Remembering Madiba

 {Photo credit: Eric Miller}Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, accepts the offer to wear an HIV-Positive T-shirt.Photo credit: Eric Miller

(Also see MSH's official statement mourning the death of Nelson Mandela. —Eds.)

I am only one of thousands of young South Africans who left our country in our teen years, fleeing persecution for our political beliefs and actions, and believing that by leaving our country we would regroup and come back to contribute to the overthrow of the apartheid, racist regime.

Did we really believe that would happen?

I must say that the overwhelming urge for us to go on with the struggle and belief was the specter of Nelson Mandela addressing us in “Freedom Square” one day soon. What was most amazing about Madiba is that, for decades, we led protest marches all over the world without even knowing what he looked like, for the regime had banned all pictures of him and all we had was an artist’s impression of what he should have looked like.

In recent months, we all knew Madiba was about to depart, as we could see his frailty and hospitalization. We should, therefore, accept that he deserves his rest, and we should accept that he had to depart from our midst.

I have been associated with MSH for a lot more than the almost 10 years that I have worked for the organization. I therefore know and deeply appreciate that MSH’s fight to ensure health for all and its fight for greater health systems for all have always taken into consideration our unique conditions in South Africa. I thank all of you for the support we have had as a nation over all the decades. Thank you, thank you. I would not be exaggerating by saying that MSH has been a conscious and deliberate participant in our struggle over the decades.

I know I speak on behalf of all our staff of MSH South Africa when I say that Madiba’s passing has deeply saddened us, but that we will continue to draw inspiration from his life. His well-documented ideals for a democratic South Africa will continue to inspire all.

Olehile Maurice Bada Pharasi (Bada Pharasi), M Pharm, is the MSH Country Representative for South Africa.

[Nelson Mandela was joined by celebrities at a concert in London to celebrate his 90th birthday and promote his HIV/Aids charity, 46664.] {Photo credit: Getty Images.}Nelson Mandela was joined by celebrities at a concert in London to celebrate his 90th birthday and promote his HIV/Aids charity, 46664.Photo credit: Getty Images.


Eliana López P.
No sólo África está de luto, sino el mundo entero. Se fue un gran hombre cuyos ideales y acciones a favor de la paz, igualdad y la dignidad nos devolvieron la esperanza de lograr un mundo mejor. Mandela nunca morirá, su nombre ya está escrito en la historia y sus ideales y ejemplo de vida seguirán siendo fuente de gran inspiración para todos y todas. ¡Madiba vivirás por siempre! Me aúno a tus sentidas palabras Olehile Maurice Bada Pharasi.
Seraphine Adibaku
While I knew that Madiba's departure had become a matter of time, the news of his passing was too painful to accept. I was driving to office on the streets of Juba this morning (6th Dec) when the news came through on the car radio. The shock was so profound and my tears flowed freely. I had to pull off and park along the kerb to regain composure. I finally reached office but it was hard to concentrate on the morning tasks. Nelson Mandela is a household name the world over and is more than the Father of the South African Nation. He was an iconic Leader, Teacher and Father to all of mankind. We all should do our utmost to perpetuate his vision and legacy. May the Creator reward him with everlasting Peace.
Abebaw Gulent, ...
It is really a great loss for Africans not to see its icon of love and forgiveness again. When I see the news early in the morning on BBC web page, I felt in tears. However, his inspiration will be with us and may his sole rest in peace and eternity.
Normally I follow the local and world news on the way to the office and evening returning home. the death on Nelson Mandela is not lonely sadness for S. Africa, African continent but for the world. if you follow the news these days, everywhere in any corner of the world there is killing, assassination, terror, kidnap, terrorist groups supported by this and that. Gandhi then Mandela opened the new strategy of politics (passive resistance and forgiveness) to the world. they showed that despite all problems they faced for many decades, they went beyond religion, race, color and ethnicity and thought on human being living together, having equal right, I heartily respect them and try to learn and teach their thought to the people i face during my life. I believe the world need such leaders these days.
Dr Alaine Umuby...
Depuis Accra ou je suis arrivée en début de soirée je m’associe à cet hommage ! Dans 4000 ans on parlera encore de lui comme on parle des grands Pharaons d’Egypte et des Rois de Nubie ! Il est inoubliable et on doit juste tous être fiers d’avoir vécu à la même époque que lui et de connaitre son histoire ! Sa vie a eu une signification réelle dans la vie de millions de gens et pour l’image des hommes noirs debout ! Que Dieu aie son Ame et nous guide a etre ou essayer d'etre comme lui au sein de nos famille, lieu de travail...
Bianga Jean-Pierre
Cet homme qui nous a quitté ce 05 Décembre 2013, est un homme de grande valeur. Il a donné toute sa vie pour défendre de valeurs de paix, de démoncratie et de pardon. Son courage, son abnégation et son combat contre d'apartheid est une source d'inspiration pour tout homme qui se dit homme d'Etat. Cette mort pour nous africain est pénible, mais cela est irreverssible car étant le chemin de tous. Certes, il est mort physiquement, mais il restera imortel à travers ses oeuvres. Nous lui sohaitons un répos éternel et son oeuvre qu'il a commencé notamment la promotion des valeurs démocratiques et la lutte contre le VIH/Sida se poursuive jusqu'au jour où cette pandémie sera vaincue. Que le Dieu d'Abraham, d'Isaac et de Jacob lui reçoive de ses cotés. A Dieu MADIBA.
NELSON MANDELA nous ne t'oublierons jamais, ta grandeur d'âme, ton courage et tes sacrifices sont une grande source d'inspiration non seulement pour les sud africains mais pour tout l'afrique et le monde. notre prière est que ta vie soit un modèle pour les dirigeants et cadres africains. Dieu t'a fait grace de vivre et de mourir rassasié des jours. que ton âme repose en paix.
Ijeoma Obo-Effanga
M-a-d-i-b-a! oh how I love to hear that name,more so the feeling that comes with it - A MORAL BRAND! That is really what it represents for me and many young people, I really hope that his legacy of love, equity and forgiveness will permeate and erase the hate, injustice and bitterness in the world today. Thank you Nelson Mandela for the selfless life you lived for the benefit of humanity!
Nelson Mandela est un modele ! Depuis environ 30 ans que j'ai connu cet homme pendant qu'il etait encore dans sa cellule a Cape Town, si je regarde son parcours, je pense qu'il est un modele que nous devrions suivre. Prions pour le repos de son ame et emboitons-lui le pas pour relever la dignite humaine !
Dinah Tjipura
Madiba was indeed a true leader. As a Namibia who also lived under the same Aparheid regime, he was jailed for a good course that saw both Namibia and South Africa attain independence in 1990 and 1994 respectively. R.I.P Madiba and your legacy will live forver.
Kidwell Matshotyana
RIP Madiba - you have been an inspiration to all of us. We are indebted to the Mandela family, Winnie, Graca Machel and the kids for willingly sharing this wonderful man with us. We are now free!
Ndoza Luwawa
How touching leaving with the latest Madiba 's passing news... We shall always keep in mind His most greatest contributions for global nations democracy, forgiveness sense, respect of others' freedom and rights and justice. In spite of the still complex issues affecting South-African, especially the poorest and under-priviledged communities, South Africa has maintained its economic stability, in the post apartheid era, whilst it still demonstrates the potential for a most brighter development and better sharing of the country resources. Be blessed for ever, Mandela.
Bizeualem Gashaw
Nelson Mandela was a great leader with a great responsibilities. He had given a great education to each and every country and leaders in the world . He achieved his vision and passed away. For me he did not die and he is always with the heart his people of South Africa in particular and Africa and the world people in general. Bizeualem Gashaw, From Ethiopia

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