I Shall Fly in Thy Face until Zero

I Shall Fly in Thy Face until Zero

World AIDS Day: It's Not Over Yet.

This World AIDS Day poem appears courtesy of Dr. Olufemi Owoeye, Chief of Party of the USAID-funded Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention Program Phase II (GHARP II). The theme of World AIDS Day 2011 is "Getting to Zero."



Thou hydra-headed restless monster
Killer of millions of my kind
Sower of discord in my nation
I shall fly in thy face until zero

It will not be forever
That you will pillage and bewilder
That you will pilfer from my blood soldiers
And use their very strength for death
I shall fly in thy face until zero

Some say you are mighty
And many mighty fallen at thy might
Peering helplessly down hapless scopes
Throwing in the towel of mirthless toil
‘No vaccine, no vaccine…’
But I shall not vacillate
To fly in thy face until zero.

Think not that I am afraid
Of your lackeys that call me names
Of your prudes that lift their noses at my shingles
Of imps that always change the goal post of treatment
I am here stolid and unmoved.
I shall fly in thy face until zero

I shall replicate like you
And make many comrades out of my passion
And together we shall stand
To fly in thy face until zero.

You may kill, maim or taint
Thou back flipping virus.
You may steal from the coffers of my nation
You may enrich the pockets of the unscrupulous

But I’ll be here stolid and unmoved with my comrades
To fly in thy face until zero
Zero infections!
Zero discrimination!
Zero AIDS deaths!

With bold and vehement placards
Our song will resound for all to hear
We shall fly in thy face until zero.


Prof. 'Fola Tayo
'Femi, Congratulations. This is directly from the Throne of Grace... very inspirational, incredibly visionary, and will give Hope and Joy to many. Simply put, it is a Prophetic Utterance, and I join the multitude in saying, IT SHALL CAME TO PASS, in Jesus' name. amen.
Lana A. Ross
Indeed, an inspirational piece Dr. Femi! I commend you for your efforts in expressing such profound emotions to reflect your innermost desire through poetry to see AIDS in all its facets delineated completely. With the divine one as the focus he will see your faith and works produce the ZERO goal as profisied in your poem. Well done and keep them coming.
Emmanuel Fasanya
Hi there my dear brother! Long time!...and congratulations! Beautiful poem. How are you coping with your 3 angels? Please don't forget us here. One of these days, as the Lord grants the opportunity, we will come to Guyana. You are always welcome here. May the Lord keep you and your family, and may He bless the work of your hand.
Adannaa O. Alexander
Thank you Dr. Femi for that inspirational poem! There's a lot of work to still be done, but with people like you and all of us working together, we will fly in thy face until zero!
Uzoegwu Ngozi
This is just a wonderful piece,emotional and touching . i love the poem and i have printed and pasted on my desk.well done Olufemi Owoeye!
Olufemi Owoeye
Thanks a lot Ngozi. I will do likewise. This is one of my best poems because it inspires me a lot.
Solape Bamijoko
Well done brother, i just stumbled upon this but i tell you its very inspiring. Like i always tell my clients, may the good Lord keep us all (caregivers and clients) to acheive and see ZERO, ZERO, ZERO. Keep it up!!!

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