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Arlington, VA—Management Sciences for Health (MSH) applauds the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s passage today of the International Pandemic Preparedness and COVID-19 Response Act (S. 2297), legislation to improve global health and pandemic preparedness and enhance COVID-19 response efforts. The bill, introduced in June by Senators Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Jim Risch (R-Idaho), received key input from MSH, including language on health systems strengthening, financing mechanisms, and the U.S.


 {Photo credit: MSH staff}Margaret Bayoru inside the Arua district commodities store.Photo credit: MSH staff

When COVID-19 hit Uganda, Margaret Bayoru worried about how patients in the country's remote facilities in the West Nile region would receive medicines. As the person responsible for inventory management at Arua regional emergency supply chain stores, Margaret knew that her colleagues in these health facilities not only needed the medicines to save patients' lives, but they also needed personal protective equipment to protect themselves from the coronavirus.Today, Margaret does not have to worry. She proudly leads the way towards achieving her team's main objective—a fully stocked district health store that consistently delivers essential supplies where they are needed most. "We have plenty of medicines and supplies from the Government of Uganda and donations from partners," says Margaret.


June 03, 2021

COVID-19 has exposed major gaps in our ability to prepare for, prevent, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks. As world leaders pledge to fight future outbreaks together, discussions around preparedness are center stage. But past epidemics—such as influenza, Zika, SARS, HIV/AIDS, and Ebola—have shown us that we can no longer focus solely on infectious diseases in our approach to prevent pandemics. Animal and environmental health are also critical factors, but these are largely missing from current discussions.