December 16, 2020

Watch the event recordingCOVID-19 has reignited debates around the synergies and tensions between universal health coverage (UHC) and global health security. Has prioritizing one come at the expense of the other? Do investments targeted toward containing outbreaks hamper a health system’s ability to achieve equitable access and a more sustainable future?

December 10, 2020

While the challenges health systems have faced vary in their prominence over time, from scarce resources for health to pandemics such as COVID-19, this Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day we will celebrate the accomplishments and progress made by the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) over the past ten years and look forward to the next decade of joint learning.Join policymakers and practitioners from JLN member countries and other JLN champions and supporters as we retrace the evolution and growth of the network, the unique features and feats that have made the JLN what it is today, and the progress JLN members have made toward stronger health systems and UHC.

December 07, 2020 - December 09, 2020

Join MSH at the virtual 7th Annual Global Digital Health Forum, December 7-9, 2020. Focusing on making digital health work for everyone, this year’s Forum will help answer: How do we bridge gaps in digital health and ensure that no one is left behind? How do we leverage digital health technologies to accelerate universal health coverage?