Ebola Virtual Seminar: Oct. 28-30

October 28, 2014 - 12:00am - October 30, 2014 - 12:00am
Online: http://leadernet.org/groups/seminar/ebola-seminar-october-28-30-2014/

We invite you to join us for a 3-day virtual seminar on the subject of West African Ebola outbreak from October 28 – 30, 2014. This seminar is provided free of charge and is targeted to anyone interested in preparedness and response to any Ebola outbreak, trends, approaches, and specific interventions that are needed.

The seminar facilitators and moderators are: Fred Hartman, the Global Technical Lead for Malaria and Communicable Diseases; Rudi Thetard, the Project Director and Infectious Disease Specialist for the African Strategies for Health Project; Arthur Loryoun, Project Director for Strengthening Drug Sellers Initiative, Liberia; Lisa Stone, Independent Pandemic Planning Advisor; and Ian Sliney, Director of Health Systems Strengthening and Coordinator of the MSH Ebola Response Team.

Objectives of the Seminar:

  1. To provide a broad overview of the current West African Ebola outbreak, identify trends, and specific interventions that are needed;
  2. To show specific MSH technical approaches that can help countries prepare for and respond to any Ebola outbreak, and the role that MSH staff can play in supporting the countries in which we serve.