Universal Access to Family Planning and Reproductive Health: Who's Accountable in the Post-2015 Era?

January 27, 2016 - 7:00am
Legian 8+9 Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Universal health coverage and access represents a platform to advance family planning and the FP2020 goals. However, stewardship from the public sector is critical. Speakers will explore the intersection of financing, policy, and accountability as countries move into universal access for Family Planning in the new post-2015 era.

Moderator: Jonathan D. Quick, President and CEO, Management Sciences for Health (MSH)


  • Chris Baryomunsi, Minister of Health, Uganda
  • Nicholas Muraguri, Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Health, Kenya (invited)
  • Kayode Afolabi, Director, Reproductive Health, Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria
  • Beth Schlachter, Executive Director, FP2020
  • John Skibiak, Director, Reproductive, Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC)
  • Tira Aswitama, NPA for RH and FP, UNFPA Indonesia
  • Melissa Wanda, Advocacy Officer, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Kenya

Breakfast will be available. 

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