June 03, 2013 - June 04, 2013

Management Sciences for Health, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Harvard Medical School are hosting an event - “Medicines as Part of Universal Health Coverage: Starting a Dialogue”, to be held in Washington, DC, June 2 to 4, 2013. This technical workshop will explore issues relating to inclusion of medicines as part of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) schemes. We will be providing a live webcast of key plenary sessions and invite you to view the dialogue here:

June 06, 2013

Join us for a discussion of success and challenges led byDr. Jonathan D. Quick, President and CEO of MSH,with Dr. Felix Mukwampa, Minister of Health,Democratic Republic on Congo,and Dr. Florence Guillaume, Minister of Health, HaitiPlease RSVP to Michelle McCarthy at by June 3