Management Sciences for Health Vows to Keep Advocating for Global Health Despite the President's Proposed 2018 Budget

  • $2.2 billion – roughly 26% – overall cuts to global health programs
  • Family planning and reproductive health assistance eliminated 
  • Development assistance zeroed out in 37 countries
  • Cuts to Department of Health and Human Services that support global health, global health research and development, and global health security

Arlington, VA – Management Sciences for Health (MSH) stands with the global health community, and with the millions of people we help across the globe each day, to denounce the serious funding cuts to global health programs proposed by the Trump Administration today.

Named “A new foundation for American greatness,” the proposed budget is far from great and would trim more than $2 billion from programs that help some of the world’s most vulnerable people, such as poor women and children in all corners of the globe. Trump’s proposal would slow down the proven progress made to fight HIV & AIDS, malaria and polio; reduce gains made to improve maternal and child health; and weaken the response to disease outbreaks such as Zika or Ebola. Simply put, this budget will weaken America’s standing in the world and roll back decades of progress.

“The Trump Administration’s proposed reductions to global health funding will have devastating consequences on the lives of countless people and put American citizens at greater risk,” said Marian Wentworth, MSH’s President and CEO. “It stands as a clear statement of how this Administration views the lives of poor people, and it is simply irresponsible. We urge our elected lawmakers to do the right thing and swiftly reject these senseless cuts. We know that global health programs work and that millions of lives have benefited, leading to healthier and safer nations. This budget proposal will seriously undermine the Administration’s aims of bolstering national security, asserting US leadership and facilitating economic growth.”

We look to Congress to continue to support the bipartisan global health and development programs that save lives worldwide.