Management Sciences for Health Welcomes Senate Bill to End Preventable Maternal, Newborn, and Child Deaths

The U.S. Senate yesterday reintroduced legislation that would help save the lives of women and children everywhere. Management Sciences for Health (MSH) welcomes the policy initiative and congratulates U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Chris Coons (D-Del.) for championing steps toward the goal of ending preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths by 2035. 

“The best measure of a strong health system is the health and wellbeing of its women and children,” said Marian W. Wentworth, MSH’s President and CEO. “Ensuring that quality, affordable health services reach the most vulnerable will save lives and lead to stronger nations, increased global stability, and health security for all of us.” 

Supported by more than 50 non-profit and faith-based organizations, the Reach Every Mother and Child Act is a bipartisan policy initiative that will help achieve the U.S. commitment to ending preventable deaths within a generation through key reforms that will increase the effectiveness and impact of USAID maternal and child survival programs.

The Reach Act would establish a coordinated U.S. government strategy to combat the leading causes of maternal, newborn, and child mortality. At its core, the bill would allow for a focused approach to spearhead concrete, integrated programs that strengthen health systems around the globe and help the United States promote country ownership and sustainability, scale up proven solutions, and maximize efficiencies in investments.

“As an organization committed to saving lives and improving the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, MSH is proud to be a partner in that important work,” said Catharine Taylor, MSH’s Vice President of Health Programs. “We are highly encouraged by the leadership and support from the U.S. Senate to ensure the rights and wellbeing of women and children around the world and look forward to the companion bill to be introduced by the House soon.”

The bill reinforces U.S. commitment to help countries protect the most vulnerable through health systems that guarantee access, quality, and dignity for all and help raise communities and countries from poverty to prosperity. Additionally, the bill would help USAID explore and implement an innovative financing framework to leverage public and private investment with the goal of assisting countries in moving towards financial self-sufficiency.

MSH believes that strengthening health systems is the most sustainable way to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH) and save lives. With a strong portfolio of RMNCH interventions, MSH is reaching women across the continuum of care from pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and through the postpartum period at each level of the health system. We similarly reach children from birth through childhood. Our RMNCH work is integrated with family planning, HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria health services, with attention to quality and respectful care.