MSH Recognized for HIV and AIDS Work in Nigeria

The Federal Medical Center in Zamfara State, Nigeria presented MSH with a certificate of appreciation on October 28. The award recognizes MSH's contributions to HIV and AIDS treatment, care and support services in the state through the USAID-funded project, Prevention Organizational Systems AIDS Care and Treatment (Pro-ACT). Pro-ACT is a five-year project implemented in five Nigerian states to build the capacity of the country's public, private, and community sectors for HIV and AIDS and tuberculosis prevention, control, care, and treatment. 

Dr. Kabiru Anka, medical director of the Federal Medical Center, presented the award.

"Two years of working with MSH has transformed FMC, Gusau to one of the best ART centers in the north because of the commitment of MSH staff to strengthen our system," said Dr. Anka.

Within two years of working with the Pro-ACT project, the FMC facility has enrolled more than 3,000 HIV patients into care, and more than 1,000 are currently on treatment.

Pro-ACT Project Director Med Makumbi received the award on behalf of MSH and thanked FMC for recognizing MSH's contributions to health development in the state.