MSH Statement on the US Election

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is committed to continuing to work in partnership with the US government and all stakeholders on our shared vision of saving lives and improving the health of the world’s poorest and most under-served communities. We will work directly, through the Global Health Council and with other partners, to make the case to the President-Elect’s team, the new US Administration and the new Congress, on the positive impact of investing in development assistance.   Strong health systems around the world not only improve the lives of women and children; promote global health security; and prevent diseases but they also ensure stronger global economic partners.  

MSH is committed to its values of integrity, excellence, vitality, collaboration, respect, and empowerment and reaffirms our core beliefs.

We believe:

  • Effective local leaders and local institutions create lasting health impact.
  • Health is a human right, realized progressively through access to health care for all and healthy living conditions.
  • Healthy people and communities contribute to economic vitality and political stability.
  • Better evidence to scale up proven methods and technologies will achieve widespread health impact.