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Titled Six Years of Saving Lives through Stronger Public Health Supply Chains, this report marks six years of SCMS efforts to strengthen supply chains to meet the care and treatment needs of people living with or affected by AIDS. With a foreword by Ambassador Eric Goosby, the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, and Dr. Rajiv Shah, USAID Administrator, the report celebrates some of the successes of this ground-breaking and unprecedented US government project and presents SCMS’s vision for the future. Read the Report Six years of saving lives through stronger public health supply chains (PDF)

 First published in 1982 and revised in 1997, Management Sciences for Health’s Managing Drug Supply continues to be the leading reference on how to manage essential medicines in developing countries. The third edition, MDS–3: Managing Access to Medicines and Health Technologies, reflects political, scientific, and technological changes of the past 14 years. Nearly 100 experts from a wide range of disciplines and virtually every corner of the world have contributed to this third edition, published in 2012.

Shannon EnglandShannon England

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is pleased to announce the new Vice President of MSH’s Office of Strategic Development and Communications (SDC), Shannon England, effective January 9, 2012.Ms. England will lead MSH’s external relations activities around the globe. This will include forging or strengthening relationships with public and private donors, the corporate sector, governments and partners and formulating the appropriate communication and development strategies.

Inside Story: The Science of HIV and AIDSInside Story: The Science of HIV and AIDS

Kalu, a rising Kenyan footballer, migrates to South Africa to establish his career. A romantic encounter leads to the unwelcome realization that he is HIV positive. Kalu goes through an emotional journey as he comes to terms with his diagnosis, encountering social and financial challenges along the way. This is Inside Story: The Science of HIV and AIDS.USAID, in partnership with Management Sciences for Health’s Building Local Capacity for Delivery of HIV Services in Southern Africa Project (BLC), helped produce Inside Story.

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to its Board of Directors:  John M. Isaacson, Una Ryan, OBE, PhD, and M. Anjali Sastry, PhD. MSH also extends sincere gratitude to these departing members of the board who gave over thirty years of combined service to MSH: Christine W. Letts, Barbara Stowe, Deidre Strachan and Nick Burns. Welcome and thank you!John M. Isaacson founded Isaacson, Miller in 1982.