Help us celebrate MSH's 50th birthday! We were incorporated in Massachusetts, USA, on May 21, 1971 and have since then worked in over 150 countries. To celebrate our 50th, we invite you to follow our Go To The People series, sharing stories and reflections from current and former MSHers, partners, and local health leaders worldwide, as they reflect on the impact we’ve made together on the lives of individuals, communities, and in global health. Working together, let's shape the next 50 years for greater health impact.

{Crédit photo: Samy Rakotoniaina/MSH}Un staff du PNLP participe à la session d’orientation LDP+ avec l’équipe d’ACCESS (Septembre 2019)Crédit photo: Samy Rakotoniaina/MSH

Lire cette histoire en anglais Un Leadership, un Management, et une Gouvernance (LMG) solides sont nécessaires à tous les niveaux du système de santé pour assurer la mise en œuvre efficace de prestations de services accessibles, abordables et de haute qualité dans tout le continuum de soins.

 {Photo credit: Samy Rakotoniaina/MSH}NMCP staff in the LDP+ orientation session with the ACCESS team (September 2019)Photo credit: Samy Rakotoniaina/MSH

Read this story in FrenchStrong leadership, management, and governance (LMG) is necessary at every level of the health system to ensure the effective implementation of accessible, affordable, and high quality service provision across the continuum of care. LMG includes overseeing functions such as human resources management, supply chain and equipment management, quality assurance (both clinical and non-clinical components of quality), referral systems, community engagement, data collection and use, and target setting, among others.