{Photo Credit: Warren Zelman}Photo Credit: Warren Zelman

“In mid-July, a G-20 panel called for $75 billion in financing over the next 5 years to develop flexible, responsive health systems that provide early detection of and faster response to disease outbreaks. While these capabilities are critical in responding to outbreaks, they will ultimately fail to prevent another pandemic,” writes MSH’s Senior External Affairs Officer, Ashley Arabasadi, in an opinion article for Global Health NOW. “This is because we’ve been viewing global health security through the narrow lens of human health.

Winners of the Health Supply Chain Solutions Challenge will now work with a team of experts to develop, pilot, monitor, evaluate and ultimately scale up their ideas for strengthening Uganda's health supply chain. Photo credits: MSH

Three winners of the Health Supply Chain Solutions Challenge were named during Uganda’s National Health Supply Chain Week (July 26–30, 2021). The winners were selected from a pool of more than 130 concepts presented to the competition’s judges.

{Photo credit: Rejoice Phiri/MSH} Photo credit: Rejoice Phiri/MSH

On April 2, 2020, Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika confirmed the country's first cases of COVID-19.