{Photo credit: Barnabé Tchoudji} Women in the newly built waiting room wait for their children to receive vaccinations, November 2020.Photo credit: Barnabé Tchoudji

To read this story in French, please click here.The Government of Benin aims to implement a health system that offers quality health services to all citizens in a sustainable manner while giving more responsibility to local leaders. However, Government funds are not sufficient to cover the costs of this initiative, especially when considering health emergencies. For this reason, local authorities must identify alternative sources of funding for the care of their constituents.

{Crédit photo : Barnabé Tchoudji.} Des femmes dans la salle d’attente nouvellement construite attendant que leur enfant reçoive leur vaccin.Crédit photo : Barnabé Tchoudji.

Le Gouvernement du Bénin ambitionne de mettre en place un système de santé qui offre à chaque citoyen des services de santé de qualité de façon pérenne tout en donnant plus de responsabilités aux élus locaux.

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has launched a new toolkit to help local leaders sustain health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sustaining Essential Health Care during COVID-19: A Toolkit for Local Leaders to Adapt Health Services in Low-Resource Settings was developed to help local leaders respond to a surge in health care needs that threaten to overwhelm health systems. This toolkit aims to assist local leaders in maximizing their local health care delivery in a way that efficiently responds to the new needs presented by SARS-CoV-2 while continuing to provide essential non-COVID-19 services.