"Health for All" Continues Supporting UHC Campaigns in African Countries

 {Photo credit: Beth Brundage Murphy for MSH}Participants enjoying the Health for All Campaign launch in Ethiopia this year.Photo credit: Beth Brundage Murphy for MSH

Health for All: The Campaign for Universal Health Coverage in Africa, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, is supporting governments in three African countries (Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Kenya) in their efforts to achieve universal health coverage (UHC).

In Ethiopia, the campaign is supporting the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency’s development of full-fledged and integrated communication strategies. The campaign is also supporting other relevant initiatives as the agency prepares to roll out a nationwide health insurance scheme. As part of the campaign’s capacity building plan, “Health for All” is currently providing technical and financial support towards an awareness raising workshop for new staff members at the agency.

In Nigeria, “Health for All” has recently been recognized as a key player in bringing various stakeholders together and supporting government initiatives toward UHC. Recent engagements with different government bodies, such as the Federal Ministry of Health and National Health Insurance Agency, were successful in introducing the campaign to the respective government representatives and harnessing support to work together.

Recent efforts to introduce the campaign to various development partners working on UHC have successfully led to new partnerships. The campaign is a key participant in the lead up to an important presidential summit to be held in coming months. The presidential summit is expected to be a new milestone in reaffirming the government’s commitment towards scaling up health insurance in Nigeria toward UHC.  Health for All is actively participating in Technical Working Group meetings which are part of the preparation for the summit.  

Learn more about the campaign at: http://healthforallcampaign.org/ and like the Health for All page on Facebook.