CAMBRIDGE, MA (FEBRUARY 4, 2005)  — MSH is deeply saddened today to announce that three of its employees - Cristin (Cristi) Gadue, Amy Lynn Niebling, and Carmen Urdaneta - have died after their plane crashed 35 miles outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. On February 3, the three boarded a flight from Herat, in the west of Afghanistan, bound for Kabul. Due to severe weather conditions, the plane was not permitted to land in Kabul and was diverted to Pakistan. The plane crashed 35 miles outside of Kabul.

Goal is to address critical shortage of qualified health care workers CAMBRIDGE, MA (MARCH 3, 2008) — Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is participating in the inaugural Global Forum on Human Resources for Health from March 2-7, 2008, in Kampala, Uganda. The forum, organized by the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA), is a critical first step in establishing a Global Action plan to address the growing shortage of qualified health care workers.

CAMBRIDGE, MA (FEBRUARY 12, 2008) — Management Sciences for Health (MSH) recently announced the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors: Alan Detheridge and Joyce Sackey-Acheampong, M.D. Mr. Detheridge is Associate Director of The Partnering Initiative, a global program of the International Business Leaders Forum in association with Cambridge University. Before joining the Initiative, he spent 30 years with the Royal Dutch Shell Group, retiring in April 2007 as Vice President for External Affairs. In addition to MSH, Mr.