COVID-19: Responding to the Pandemic

As an organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of the most vulnerable people worldwide, MSH is deeply concerned about how COVID-19 is affecting so many of the communities we support. National health systems are overwhelmed and pharmaceutical supply chains are threatened. The impacts of the pandemic are keenly felt among populations with pre-existing conditions, from non-communicable diseases to TB, HIV, malaria, and more.  

This is a stark reminder of the need for robust health systems, the importance of investing in them, and the challenges many countries already face in providing reliable access to effective care.

What we are doing  

MSH’s global footprint, strong country and local relationships, and on-the-ground implementation experience ensure rapid support to governments worldwide for the immediate, coordinated actions needed to prepare, respond, and recover from COVID-19.

Our work strengthens country health systems to meet the challenge of COVID-19, maintain essential health care and services, and prevent and prepare for future pandemics by:

  • Strengthening leadership and management for better planning, risk communication, and execution of preparedness, response, and recovery

  • Fortifying emergency supply chains to ensure access to medicines, equipment, and supplies where and when they are needed

  • Bolstering health workforce capacity and strengthening infection prevention and control to prevent spread and protect health workers, patients, and communities

  • Engaging communities in COVID-19 surveillance, control measures, and risk communication

  • Targeting critical surveillance, diagnostic, and case management functions for rapid, direct impact

  • Engaging the private sector, civil society, communities, and individuals in a whole-of-society approach to ensure access and availability of essential health services and medicines

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Our Response Underway

MSH is supporting the COVID-19 response in all 26 countries in which we currently work. Highlights include:

The USAID Medicines, Technologies and Pharmaceutical Services Program, led by MSH, is on the frontlines, currently supporting 13 high-risk countries. The program’s COVID-19 approach includes two important strategies: implementing end-to-end infection prevention and control (IPC) measures in health facilities, and strengthening commodity management to ensure access to a steady supply of medicines, masks, and hygiene products. In the Philippines alone, more than 7,000 health care professionals across the country have participated in online trainings on IPC and supply chain management for COVID-19 Read More  

The Organized Network of Services for Everyone’s (ONSE) Health Activity, USAID’s flagship program for health service delivery in Malawi, strengthens local leadership and enables rapid coordination, monitoring, and decisive action. We are collaborating with district health teams and local community and faith leaders to implement infection prevention and control interventions, risk communication activities, and to ensure meaningful community engagement and buy in. Read more

Advocating for global health security

MSH works on its own and in collaboration with global non-profits, academic organizations, and the private sector to educate policymakers on the importance of funding global health security, and COVID-19 response in particular. We frequently communicate to the media about COVID-19 and the importance of health systems strengthening to prevent and contain infectious disease. Outlets for recent contributions and appearances include The Guardian, The Washington Post, BBC Radio and World News Live, The Hill, The Irish Times, France 24, The Wall Street Journal, Devex, Global Health NOW, Voice of America, and Canada’s “Jerry Agar Show.” Learn More