Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening and Supply Chain

Ensuring access to and correct use of essential medicines, vaccines, and medical products is critical to preventing and responding to emerging infectious disease threats. MSH strengthens pharmaceutical systems by improving organizational and human resource capacity to effectively select, purchase, store, deliver, and use quality essential medicines, vaccines, and laboratory products.

MSH helps countries maintain a stable and efficient supply of medicines and products and builds their capacity to respond to emergencies through the development of procurement, distribution, and inventory systems. We promote the engagement of the private sector in pharmaceutical management and establish stakeholder coordination and oversight mechanisms such as medicines and therapeutics committees.

Following the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014, MSH helped Benin, Guinea, Mali, and Sierra Leone strengthen governance structures for effectively managing essential medicines and supplies. MSH has built the capacity of regional, district, and health facility groups—such as drug and therapeutics committees—to establish logistics, information, and monitoring systems, including dashboards for early warning and stock status monitoring.

As Ebola raged in Liberia, decimating and collapsing the country’s health system, registered drug sellers provided care and medicines. MSH has helped train and license more than 600 drug store owners.