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MSH develops innovative strategies to bring diagnostic, preventive, and treatment services to high-risk populations, including children; displaced persons; and those living with HIV, diabetes, and other diseases.

Our approach strengthens health systems—building skills and sustainability, strengthening laboratory systems, ensuring continuous availability of medicines and supplies, integrating TB into HIV and other health services, and bolstering local leadership and management.

We directly engage communities and work with public- and private-sector partners to improve the management systems and leadership skills essential for controlling TB—and increasing political support for effective TB programs.

By the end of 2019, our work helped to:

  • Implement high-quality TB and MDR-TB programs in 15 countries worldwide

  • Pioneer an urban DOTS strategy in Kabul and eight other cities in the fragile state of Afghanistan and in Kampala city, Uganda

  • Bolster the Zero TB Cities Initiative in Bangladesh

  • Make high-quality TB and MDR-TB services accessible to more than 55 million people in Ethiopia—more than half the country’s population—where 265,842 new TB patients were treated with a treatment success rate of 94% and a cure rate of 88% and more than 100,000 TB contacts were screened

  • Support the introduction of new, child-friendly treatments in several countries

  • Support the National TB and Leprosy Program in Uganda to diagnose and treat more than 39,000 people affected with TB and initiate antiretroviral therapy for those co-infected with TB and HIV in Kampala city

  • Tackle MDR- and XDR-TB by supporting national TB programs in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Uganda, including GeneXpert implementation and scale up

  • Strengthen health systems to expand access to lifesaving medicines and pharmaceutical services for TB control in 20 countries



Our volume of peer-reviewed journal articles highlights MSH’s long-term commitment to ending the TB epidemic. Authored or co-authored by MSH technical experts over the last decade, these articles are important contributions to the evidence base of what works in the fight against TB, including systems strengthening innovations that improve access to both established and novel TB medicines, ensure safety and quality, and promote effective detection and case management.

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This collection of 11 stories from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and South Sudan reflects the work done by MSH and its partners through the USAID-funded Challenge TB (CTB) Project. CTB works across the globe and hand-in-hand with national TB programs, ministries of health, local stakeholders, and other partners in efforts to stop the disease.

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MSH has developed materials highlighting our technical approaches, results, and lessons from across our TB projects with multiple partners. These technical documents have been collected in this compendium to share our experiences and insights with other partners and implementers to continue the fight toward ending the TB epidemic.

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