Leadership, Management & Governance

Better health system performance begins with inspired and inspiring leadership; sound management; and consistent, transparent governance. Rational systems and processes must support effective, transparent work planning and resource allocation. Managers at every level need leadership and management skills to motivate staff, improve service quality, and correctly implement interventions that are proven to work. And communities must be empowered to hold the health system accountable for its performance. Building on many years of experience in dozens of countries, MSH is a leader in strengthening leadership, management, and governance so that health systems can better provide high-quality, people-centered care.

MSH uses a Leading, Managing and Governing for Results Model (PDF) to simultaneously work on the development of all three practice areas– leadership, management, and governance – to inspire ministries and health service delivery organizations to achieve and maintain strong health performance.

Through leadership development programs, organizational development support and the scale-up of evidence-based health service interventions, MSH consistently demonstrates that investments in improved management, leadership and governance produce tangible results and impact on health.

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