Care and Treatment for Sustained Support

Project Overview

The Care and Treatment for Sustained Support (CaTSS) project seeks to strategically support the maintenance and uninterrupted delivery of quality HIV and TB care and treatment services integrated into Nigeria’s health system. This will be achieved through technical assistance provided in close collaboration with the Nigerian government at national, state, and local levels. CaTSS will continue the work implemented by MSH under the Prevention and Organizational Systems - AIDS Care and Treatment (Pro-ACT) Project, which ran from 2009 to 2016. MSH was awarded CaTSS to sustain and build upon the achievements reached under Pro-ACT.

CaTSS is pursuing the following three results areas:

  1. Sustained access and utilization of HIV/AIDS and TB care and treatment services in selected states
  2. Increased host government capacity to plan, manage, coordinate, and lead HIV/AIDS programs at state and local government levels
  3. Improved capacity of health care facilities to provide quality, sustainable, integrated HIV/AIDS and TB services

Through CaTSS, USAID and MSH have partnered to achieve the project goal and therefore contribute to the achievement of USAID Nigeria’s Development Objective 2: A healthier, more educated population in targeted states. MSH envisions, upon the successful implementation of the project, health facilities with strong systems and dedicated and skilled staff delivering quality, accessible, and integrated services that optimize health outcomes for the populations in target states.


Project Team