Integrated Health Services Activity

Project Overview

Despite making significant advances in reducing mortality and morbidity, Benin faces challenges in improving its performance on key health indicators: Malaria, for example, is the cause of 42% of hospitalizations of children under five in Benin. The country’s slow, uneven progress toward improved health outcomes results from the inadequate quality of high-impact approaches and low uptake of available health services. These issues demonstrate a need for a systems approach that is based on stronger governance, leadership, and management, especially to address pervasive human resources challenges and improve data use.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) Integrated Health Services Activity is a five-year project, implemented by MSH in partnership with four local partners and one US partner, to reduce maternal and child mortality in four of Benin’s 12 departments. Building on the achievements of current and past USAID-supported activities, the goal of the Activity is to provide technical assistance to strengthen the delivery of high-impact malaria, family planning, maternal and child health (MCH), and gender-based violence (GBV) services in the public sector, to ultimately contribute to reducing maternal, newborn, child and adolescent girls’ mortality and morbidity, through strong government and citizen engagement in the health sector.

The activity’s strategies seek to strengthen health systems; improve service delivery quality; transform gender relations; increase demand for high-impact services; and reduce barriers to improved health, health-seeking behaviors, and community engagement, ownership, and mobilization.

Program objectives include:

  • Increasing the quality of high-impact services for malaria, MCH, family planning, and GBV
  • Increasing the uptake of high-impact health services 
  • Strengthening local leadership, management, governance, and stewardship of health services
  • Supporting central government planning and coordination of high-impact health interventions

Integrated Health Services Activity is implemented in Alibori, Atacora, Ouémé, and Plateau departments and covers nearly 3,500,000 people (34% of Benin’s total population). The Activity also conducts limited central-level technical assistance activities in Cotonou with the Benin Ministry of Health.


  • Dimagi, Inc.
  • Association pour l’Education, la Sexualité et la Santé en Afrique (APESSA)
  • Centre de Recherche en Reproduction Humaine et en Démographie (CERRHUD)
  • Centre de Réflexions et d’Actions pour le Développement Intégré et la Solidarité (CeRADIS)
  • Organisation pour le Développement Durable, le Renforcement et l’Auto promotion des Structures Communautaires (DEDRAS)