Supply Chain Management System

Project Overview

Supply Chain Management System (SCMS), established in 2005, supplies lifesaving medicines to HIV & AIDS programs around the world and is led by the Partnership for Supply Chain Management, a nonprofit organization established by MSH and John Snow, Inc. The 13 SCMS private sector, nongovernmental and faith-based partners are hands-on and actively work to strengthen supply chains, enabling the scale-up of HIV & AIDS treatment in developing countries.

SCMS is funded by the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to help deliver an uninterrupted supply of high-quality, affordable products including: antiretroviral drugs; drugs to treat opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis; and drugs and supplies for palliative and home-based care, HIV rapid test kits, and laboratory equipment.

The project focuses on improving forecasting (to determine what drugs are really needed), aggregating demand and negotiating lower prices, and bringing the delivery mechanism closer to the point of use through regional warehouses. SCMS can work anywhere in the world but is currently working in 17 PEPFAR countries.

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