Uganda Health Supply Chain

Project Overview

The USAID-funded and MSH-led Uganda Health Supply Chain (UHSC) project aims to improve the health of all Ugandans by increasing the availability, accessibility, affordability, and appropriate use of essential medicines and health supplies.

To accomplish this, UHSC has three key pillars:

  • Ensuring that national policies support cost-effective, equitable, and transparent use of essential medicines and health supplies
  • Strengthening country capacity for the effective management and utilization of essential medicines and health supplies
  • Increasing the availability and access to essential medicines and health supplies for priority populations

Building upon its predecessor project, Securing Ugandans' Right to Essential Medicines (SURE), UHSC develops and implements interventions to strengthen Uganda's supply chain system, expand effective management practices, build in-country capacity, and improve financial and information management systems, all of which support increased access to medicines.

Working directly with the Uganda Ministry of Health's pharmacy division, technical programs, district management, and care facilities in 75 districts, UHSC also leverages collaboration across the pharmaceutical sector to achieve program activities and results. This collaboration includes working with Uganda's National Medical Store and Joint Medical Store, National Drug Authorities, private and public sector stakeholders, and other partners.