Realizing Global Health

Realizing Global Health believes that safe, quality health care delivery can be realized now, worldwide. RGH's mission is to see every country establish and maintain an effective, self-reliant health system. Only then will we see real progress in eliminating unnecessary deaths and in realizing the right every human being has to the highest attainable standard of health.

Realizing Global Health has a vision that every single person worldwide can have consistent and affordable access to quality, standardized community-based health care and thus they are able to realize their right to health.

RGH's focus is on helping its clients ensure sustainable community-based health centers and hospitals that implement improved health standards and deliver quality care to everyone, everywhere, every day – particularly in low and middle-income countries. RGH also works to enhance the cooperation, collaboration and communication between every stakeholder of a country's health system – from government officials, to non-profit volunteers, to nurses and doctors providing the services. Together we save lives. Together.

The RGH philosophy is to do things differently in global health so our clients can make a difference and achieve sustainable results for everyone, everywhere, every day.