Floride Niyuhire

Dr. Floride Niyuhire has more than 20 years of public health experience in Africa, ranging from hospital-based medical practice to policy formulation and implementation. Over the years, Dr. Niyuhire has been integral to supporting ministries of health in implementing change agendas, developing and operationalizing new policies, and introducing innovative approaches to struggling health systems. Since joining us in 2011, she has provided technical and managerial leadership to the Liberian Ministry of Health in implementing performance-based financing (PBF) mechanisms; supported the Rwandan Ministry of Health in institutionalizing Rwanda’s health accreditation system; and worked with the ministries of health in Rwanda, Haiti, and Malawi to develop PBF policies to scale up high-impact interventions in maternal, newborn, and child health. Prior to joining MSH, Dr. Niyuhire led a World Bank Institute program to build the capacities of health-sector stakeholders in nine West African countries to implement PBF mechanisms. She holds a master’s degree in public health and is a medical doctor with seven years of experience as a general practitioner in hospitals in Burundi.