Iain Barton

As Senior Fellow at MSH, Dr. Iain Barton supports MSH’s innovation and thought leadership in health strategy, policy, advocacy, and execution. A global health pioneer, Dr. Barton is responsible for developing and deploying the concept of Regional Distribution Centers in the mid-2000s for the scale-up of USAID’s Supply Chain Management System in support of PEPFAR and the Supply Chain Control Tower, which supports the Global Fund’s Pooled Procurement Mechanism. Other innovations developed under Dr. Barton’s leadership include Unjani Clinics, Warehouse-in-a-Box, Clinic-in-a-Box, and SSiH—a mega-distributor model enhancing access to medicines across Africa.

Dr. Barton is a medical doctor with 10 years of clinical practice and 20 years of health care business and non-governmental organization management experience, specializing in pharmaceutical supply, demand generation, and market shaping. He has a unique mix of experience as the CEO of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and as an executive vice president and CEO of various health supply chain logistics companies, including Imperial.

Dr. Barton has served on the advisory boards of Merck for Mothers, South Africa’s Public Health Enhancement Fund, People That Deliver, and The Africa Resource Center. He currently serves on the advisory boards of the University of Cape Town Department of Global Surgery and Insights by Experts, a marketplace for African advisory services. Dr. Barton received his MB, ChB, medicine at the University of Cape Town.