Business Planning for Health Program (BPH)


The Virtual Business Planning for Health Program (VBPH) equips organizations to develop a sound business plan to advance its mission. Participants learn how to capture and package new ideas, identify target markets, and determine the best complement of staff to design and launch the new product or service. The VBPH helps non-governmental organizations (NGOs) navigate the financial aspects of a business plan, projecting both social and financial return on investment. The tools and techniques applied during the program simplify the complexities of business planning, while helping participants balance their enthusiasm with market realities. 

Business Planning Helps Organizations Secure Funding

NGOs around the world face resource challenges, including difficulty attracting new funding streams and a lack of capacity to plan, program, and account for increased resources. Other organizations are faced with a rapid influx of funding, which requires a careful look at the capacity to expand products and services. Some organizations need to better understand their clients' demand for current services. Business planning is a methodology organizations can use to systematically address these challenges. A business plan can demonstrate the link between a proposed product or service and a social return. Through funded business plans, organizations can gain a competitive edge and secure funding sources.

VBPH Objectives

Upon completing the VBPH, teams will have developed a sound business plan and acquired skills to draft additional business plans in the future. During the 20-week program, teams learn how to:

  • Describe the unique features of their organization to engage a prospective funder or investor
  • Generate and articulate a business opportunity
  • Assess a potential market and design a marketing plan
  • Identify the design team and implementation schedule
  • Estimate financial needs
  • Project financial and social return on investment
  • Approach donors and funders for financing VBPH Content

At the conclusion of the VBPH, participating teams will have completed their business plans, and identified the next steps to securing funding for their new product or service. In addition they will have:

  • Presented the history, mission and purpose of their organization
  • Selected the single product/service to improve the health and welfare of their target population
  • Market-tested the new product/service
  • Created a team to implement the business plan
  • Assessed the financial health of their organization
  • Prepared a detailed budget
  • Developed indicators to demonstrate the potential social and financial impact of their product/service
  • Identified a group of prospective funding institutions

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