Employee Satisfaction Survey


Employee satisfaction refers to the employee’s sense of well-being within his or her work environment. It is the result of a combination of extrinsic rewards, such as remuneration and benefits, and intrinsic rewards, such as respect and appreciation. Positive changes in the HRM systems and the way in which managers and supervisors interact with staff on personnel issues can increase the level of employee satisfaction. While a high level of employee satisfaction cannot be absolutely tied to higher levels of retention, motivation and performance, a low level of employee satisfaction is a definite source of low levels of performance.

This questionnaire is intended to be applied confidentially with a sample group of staff representing 15%-20% of the organization. It is important to include staff from all levels and departments. The questionnaire is simple and should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. Explain the purpose of the questionnaire and ensure staff that their responses are completely confidential. The results can provide insight into the areas that staff are most dissatisfied with in their work environment.