Fact Sheet: The Challenge of Tuberculosis

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Fact Sheet: The Challenge of Tuberculosis

The number of new TB cases has been declining steadily worldwide in recent years. However, the burden remains high among low-income and marginalized populations. With the combined threats of HIV, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, as well as the spread of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), the challenges of the disease are overwhelming national health systems.

TB is preventable, diagnosable, and curable We can end TB if governments, donors, the private sector, affected communities, and civil society work together to fund and execute an accelerated response to end the TB epidemic.

MSH develops innovative strategies to bring diagnostic, preventive, and treatment services to high-risk populations—for example, contacts; children; displaced persons; and those living with HIV, diabetes, or other diseases. We consistently apply evidence-informed knowledge and technical expertise to highly complex environments and fragile states where TB services are most desperately needed.