Forming Partnerships to Improve Public Health

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Partnerships between two or more organizations can be effective vehicles for achieving important public health goals. These goals might include reducing infant and maternal mortality and morbidity, increasing the use of modern family planning methods, improving access to primary health care for underserved groups, combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic, reducing teen pregnancy and alcohol and drug use, and providing cost-effective, high-quality, sustainable health services.

While there are many noteworthy partnerships among different government organizations at the national, state, regional, or local levels, the focus of this issue of The Manager is on public-private partnerships. The issue defines public-private partnerships, lists potential partners at different administrative levels, reviews the factors behind the growth in partnerships, looks at some of the benefits and challenges of partnerships, and offers thoughts on preparing for and implementing them. It also describes the steps involved in developing a contractual relationship and provides examples of several successful partnerships.