Healthy Families, Communities and Municipalities Methodology (HCM)



To improve maternal and child health by empowering people to take better care of their health, strengthening communities and local governments' health management capacity, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Tool description:

The HCM methodology is comprised of a guide for prospective program managers, which teaches them about the value of health promotion and provides instructions for application, as well as the toolkits which are provided to the local governments to enable them to equip their communities with health monitoring tools and leadership development programs in coordination with the program managers. The tools are implemented at the family, community, and municipal/district level through a series of interventions to increase community leadership, and awareness of healthy practices, and behavior change as measured through the community assessment.

Tool requirements:

The application of HCM requires time investment due to its complex and multilateral methodology as well as several years of monitoring and follow-up. Implementers must be trained in the methodology by the developers.

HSS Building Blocks: Human Resources,Information,Leadership, governance, and management

Health Area: Family Planning and Reproductive Health,Maternal, newborn, child health

Cross-Cutting Areas:

  • Capacity Buliding
  • Gender
  • M&E

Tool Type:

  • Process Guide


  • The individual tools are easy-to-use and developed for semi-literate populations.
  • The methodology can be applied at individual levels of intervention (family, community, municipality) or at all three.
  • The HIS systems are easy-to-use and can be adopted by government and private sector.


  • Currently only available in Spanish
  • Time and labor intensive
  • Requires buy in from government officials


  • Spanish


  • Latin America and the Carribbean

Contact Person:

Laura O'Brien,