Human Resources: Managing and Developing Your Most Important Asset

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Human Resource Development (HRD) is a strategic and comprehensive management area that involves establishing policies, practices, and administrative structures that focus on an organization’s most valuable resource--its people.

HRD is a leadership, financial, and management issue. Personnel costs consume 70 to 80% of the budget of most organizations. Managing human resources effectively and efficiently plays a critical role in ensuring that a satisfied, motivated work force delivers quality health services. It also plays an important role in increasing staff performance and productivity, enhancing an organization’s competitive advantage, and contributing directly to organizational goals.

This issue of The Manager discusses human resource development, its components, and its critical role in improving organizational performance. The accompanying supplement, the Human Resource Development Assessment Tool, is designed to help a public- or private-sector organization identify problem areas in the organization’s HRD system and develop an action plan to address them.