Leadership and Management to Empower the Health Workforce

Transforming the Global Health Workforce (Chapter 10)
NYU, 2013

A broken health system is a silent killer. It results in more illness and death despite the fact that the public health and medical knowledge exists to greatly reduce illness and save millions of lives every year, especially in developing countries. What is missing is the leadership capacity to ensure that the management systems are in place to apply and scale up this knowledge. More simply put, global health initiatives must invest in the leadership of those running health systems, especially in low-resource settings where every dollar counts and every health worker is indispensable. Doing so is essential if governments are to meet the health needs of their own populations.

The goal of this paper is to present voices from Africa affirming how strengthened leadership and management contributed to improvements in health workforce performance in Kenya, they have, as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, community health workers, and health providers, when they work together in teams to lead a plan to improve health services.