Making Your Clinic Building Work

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When the demand for services increases or a program expands the range of health and reproductive health services it offers, the staff of a health facility can quickly become overwhelmed. Improving the organization of a clinic=s space and equipment can increase the efficiency of service delivery, enable staff to use the available space more productively, make the clinic easier to clean, prevent infection, and delay the need for costly additions to existing buildings.

Using interior space efficiently in health centers is critical both for the smooth delivery of services and to the quality of care provided. Clinic managers need to ensure that clients and staff can move easily through their health center and that there is adequate space and equipment for staff to follow infection prevention procedures. Clients want a place that is clean, welcoming, efficient, and comfortable. They also want one that assures their privacy. Managers and medical staff need to work in an environment that is as easy as possible to keep clean.

This issue of The Family Planning Manager provides managers with some basic guidelines for evaluating clinic space requirements and for organizing their clinic to improve how the space is used to meet both client and staff needs. It provides simple solutions for adapting existing buildings so they can accommodate a greater number of clients and a broader range of services. It also discusses how to organize and use your space effectively to prevent infection.