Management Strategies for Improving Health and Family Planning Services: A Compendium of The Manager Series, Vols. V—IX

In a world of rising health care costs and increasing health care needs, access to tested approaches and techniques in the management of health care is more vital than ever. This compendium offers practical tools and techniques to address current challenges in public health management. Containing volumes 5—9 of MSH’s award-winning periodical, The Manager, this handbook addresses a range of critical health management topics. It is divided into five sections: Using Information Technologies, Expanding the Scope of Services, Increasing Access to Services, Using Data to Improve Services, and Managing Program Resources.

Selected Reviews

"Materials for capacity development are abundant, but not always of the highest quality. This is not the case with the award-winning publication of The Manager from MSH."
- Associate Director for Capacity Development, Institute for HIV/AIDS, Family Health International

"I have found issues of The Manager very interesting and useful in our last two years of project implementation when project activities focused, to a large extent, on management strengthening and capacity building for district health managers."
- Project Director, Family Health Project