Manual para la humanización y adecuación cultural de la atención del parto (HACAP)


Developed by FCI, the Ministry of Health of Ecuador, and the Quality Assurance Project (QAP) this manual facilitates a process to adapt delivery care to cultural expectations. It provides guidance for conducting a series of three workshops that bring together health care providers, traditional birth attendants, community leaders, and mothers to discuss cultural practices and preferences and to identify changes that can be made to facility-based delivery care to make institutional delivery more acceptable to expectant mothers. Through role-playing and discussion, participants learn how delivery care is provided at a hospital and by traditional midwives in the community. Those who would change facility-based delivery are allowed to make suggestions, while medical staff have opportunities to consider community preferences and explain to participants any evidence that controverts those preferences. Through the process, hospital staff and midwives come to understand and respect each other's practices. Available only in Spanish.