User's Guide on Planning and Managing a Quality Survey in Reproductive Health Programs



The User’s Guide was prepared for two reasons:

  • To document the experience and lessons of the Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Turkey program in implementing quality surveys, and
  • To provide other international health programs with detailed information to replicate similar surveys to improve performance and management of family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH) programs.


The User’s Guide consists of four sections: 1) preparation, 2) fieldwork, 3) analysis and feedback, and 4) cost and level of effort. Each section provides detailed information on the steps involved including some stories from the Turkey program’s experience, and key lessons learned. Data collection tools, sample training agenda/ content areas, and sample formats for reports and other management tools are provided in the body of the manual or in the appendices.

Intended Users:

The guide is a useful resource to a broad range of organizations from private non-profit to public sector groups or organizations that want to conduct similar quality surveys to improve family planning and reproductive health programs.

Developed by:

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and MSH/ Turkey Country Office prepared the User’s Guide in 2002. The quality survey methodology and tools were developed and refined during the period 1998-2001.


The User’s Guide was field-tested in four provinces in Turkey (Istanbul, Kocaeli, Adana, and Icel) between 1998 and 2001.


The guide is user-friendly, with straightforward and clear instructions and appendices providing survey standards, checklists, interview forms and an agenda for interviewer training. The guide also presents anecdotal information on potential pit falls for users to avoid and describes real life situations.


The user should be relatively knowledgeable or familiar with survey implementation so that the steps and lessons may be translated and adapted to local setting.

Recommendations for Users:

The User’s Guide is recommended for rapid, cost-effective assessment of service quality in order to prioritize areas needing improvement and to track progress. It is not suitable for a scientific study of quality of care.

Reports and Publications:

The quality survey methodology is described in a publication prepared by the Measure Evaluation project, “Quick Investigation of Quality (QIQ): A User’s Guide for Monitoring Quality of Care in Family Planning”, February 2001.

The methodology has also been described in a joint Measure Evaluation-MSH publication, “Best Practices in Monitoring and Evaluation: Lessons from the USAID Turkey Population Program”, October 2001




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