Using Electronic Communications in Family Planning


Pick up any popular magazine or newsletter these days and you will probably find an article about some aspect of communications technology. Whether the article is about how to hook up to the World Wide Web, how to search and receive information electronically, or how to avoid telephone charges by using e-mail to communicate with friends and colleagues, these technologies have a strong presence. For family planning managers around the world, these new communications technologies offer exciting challenges and opportunities.

This double issue of The Family Planning Manager explores the impact of the rapidly developing field of electronic communications on the work of family planning managers—the way they plan and implement their programs, train and supervise their employees, and evaluate the results of their efforts. The first two sections of this issue look at the current state of electronic communications and the access that family planning managers throughout the world can expect to have to these emerging communications technologies. These sections examine how managers can use both electronic mail (e-mail) and the World Wide Web to communicate with each other and to gain access to key information. The third section looks at the way organizations can use these technologies internally to manage programs and deliver services more effectively.

A supplement to this issue, A Primer for Accessing and Using Electronic Communications Technology, provides family planning managers with practical information on the equipment and support that they will need in order to access and use these technologies in their organizations.