Using Leadership Skills to Increase Facility Deliveries: The Case of Gotani Health Center

  • Ruth Omondi
Leadership and Management Effective Practices
Volume 1, 2014
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Leadership and Management Skills Help Gotani Health Center Improve Maternal and Child Health Outcomes

The importance of skilled management and inspired leadership are increasingly evident to those who are working to improve health system performance. Many of the critical challenges facing Kenya’s health system, including scarce resources and the changes resulting from devolution, are exacerbated by weak or absent management and leadership skills. This document, published by USAID’s Leadership, Management and Sustainability Program in Kenya, is the first in a series that highlights effective practices in management and leadership that are making a difference in service delivery in Kenya. Effective practices are programmatic approaches related to leadership and management that help to improve the health system or health outcomes. Through this series, LMS/Kenya hopes to inspire individual teams and organizations to consider and replicate these practices to achieve their own goals. This publication focuses on improving maternal and child health, using a case study from Gotani Health Center, and illustrates how leadership and management skills helped Gotani team to improve maternal and child health outcomes.