Using Service Data: Tools for Taking Action


Family planning managers need a simple information system to help them monitor, improve, and expand services. Creating a practical decision making system for the local level of a family planning program requires the participation of managers at all levels of the program.

This issue of The Family Planning Manager focuses on analyzing service data, making decisions, and taking action to improve your program. It provides clinic managers and their supervisors with simple monitoring techniques and decision making methods, using client data common to most family planning clinics. It shows how managers can use the process of graphing, interpreting, and taking action on data as a powerful management tool to strengthen program performance.

Beginning with this issue, we are including summaries of important comments from our International Review Board. The "Reviewers' Corner" will serve as a forum for expanding applications of the concepts and techniques presented in the issue. We hope that the "Reviewers' Corner" will help you adapt and use the ideas presented in The Family Planning Manager.