Working Solutions Worldwide


Results of a survey of readers of The Family Planning Manager suggest that management strategies and techniques can be successfully communicated and replicated across regions. These results also indicate that working collaboratively with an international review board of experienced family planning managers is critical to developing a management publication that both communicates effective strategies and techniques and is relevant to a wide range of family planning professionals around the world.

In the readers' survey, we promised to publish an issue of The Family Planning Manager that would focus on our readers' solutions to management problems. Many readers have written to us about the management problems they face in their work and the approaches they use to solve them. In tribute to our readers, this special issue of The Family Planning Manager features their efforts to address many common management problems and shows that when family planning managers have access to management materials written specifically for them, they use them not only to increase their personal knowledge, but also to train staff and introduce new management strategies into their programs.