Universal Health Coverage and Global Health Security: Opportunities and Trade-offs

Dec 16, 20209:00 amDec 16, 202010:00 am

Universal Health Coverage and Global Health Security: Opportunities and Trade-offs

COVID-19 has reignited debates around the synergies and tensions between universal health coverage (UHC) and global health security. Has prioritizing one come at the expense of the other? Do investments targeted toward containing outbreaks hamper a health system’s ability to achieve equitable access and a more sustainable future? Can we rethink how we approach both for a more cohesive, effective response overall? 

This year’s UHC Day is an opportunity to highlight the many contributions made by countries to accelerate progress toward ensuring health for all, while showcasing the important link between strong health systems and health security and the partnerships and careful planning that are needed to protect everyone.

Join us for a conversation among global and country-level health experts on the opportunities and challenges faced by countries and development partners as they work to advance UHC and enhance capacities for pandemic preparedness, response, and recovery.


Dr. Cristian C. Baeza, Executive Director of the Center for Healthy Development (CHD); Senior Fellow, MSH
Kelly Saldaña, Director of the Office of Health Systems, US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Dr. Jean Kagubare, Deputy Director, Global Primary Health Care Systems, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Maziko Matemba, National Community Health Ambassador; Executive Director of Health and Rights Education Programme (HREP), Malawi 


Moderated by:

Dr. Kamiar Khajavi, Senior Director for UHC, MSH; Executive Director, Joint Learning Network (JLN)